An OSUDemocracy Stars show opens with a presentation to promote democracy and make it more visible, demonstrating why such visibility is important and what OSUDemocracy’s efforts are in promoting democratic values on both the local and international levels. Our central goal is also to help Ukrainians to thrive positively, and to spread the message that democracy will prevail in Ukraine and in the rest of the world. Concurrently, we believe that the Women’s Life Freedom movement in Canada must become more visible to the public, and we also work towards this goal. We believe that democracy is better understood by the public when languages, cultures, history, and personal stories are presented in a combination of various art forms. We invite different performers who would like to give a 4–8-minute informative visual presentation that aims to be educational through any form of art. OSUDemocracy is people-driven, and therefore the winners are chosen by audience. There will be three to five minutes provided after each performance to do so. This event will give a chance both to many teachers, inventors, and artists from Canada and to many newcomers from Ukraine to express themselves on stage and to take part in a powerful experience. We encourage educational institutions to participate in our events. Such educational and artistic collaboration can be translated into classroom projects and discussion on the part of teachers and professors. Be a part of maintaining positive spirits for Ukrainians-- and spreading the word that democracy will prevail in Ukraine and in the rest of the world! Buy Tickets (link)