2 years

Dear Ottawa, we are thrilled to share that today marks the second-year anniversary since the creation of the Facebook Group Ottawa Supports Ukraine - OSUDemocracy, which has since evolved into a vital component of the not-for-profit organization OSUDemocracy Inc.

It all began with the shocking deployment of Russian aggressor's troops across the borders of Ukraine, a moment that reverberated around the world. Like millions of others, we were stunned by this sudden, unprovoked attack and invasion. The tragedies inflicted upon countless Ukrainian families left us overwhelmed with grief and anger.

Yet, amidst the darkness, we witnessed something truly awe-inspiring—the unwavering bravery and victorious spirit of the Ukrainian people. Despite being outnumbered and lacking in weaponry, they stood firm in defense of their homeland, refusing to cower in the face of aggression. Their courage became a beacon of hope for all of us. It ignited a fire within our hearts and propelled us into action.

We came together, all communities united in support for Ukraine standing together against injustice. Two years ago, as the Russian aggressor's troops crossed the borders of Ukraine, we were thrust into a new and horrifying reality—one that we struggled to accept as anything but a foggy dream or a nightmare. Yet, amidst the chaos and uncertainty, we found strength in our shared resolve to support democracy and stand against tyranny.

In those early days of invasion, there was a collective need for updated information, particularly in the region of the Canadian capital. It was out of this need that Ottawa Supports Ukraine - OSUDemocracy was born — a beacon of hope and a source of vital information for all communities who support Ukraine and who dare to fight Russian propaganda.

In the two years since the creation of OSUDemocracy, we have accomplished much. We have raised awareness, provided aid to Ukraine and newcomers, and advocated tirelessly for our democratic values.

But above all, we have borne witness to the incredible strength and resilience of the human spirit. As we commemorate this anniversary, let us honor the memory of those who have sacrificed so much in defense of freedom and democracy. Let us reaffirm our commitment to supporting the people of Ukraine in their quest for a better future. And let us draw inspiration from their courage as we continue our work towards a world where democracy and justice prevail.

Slava Ukraini!

Long Live Canada!

May Democracy Prevail!

The Group of OSUDemocracy supporters during a meeting
May bulletin
2 years

Since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, priests of Russian Orthodox Church are actively assimilating Ukrainian children who were deported to Russia encouraging them to join the Russian military-patriotic youth organisations. This is according to ISW (the Institute for the study of War) which is an American nonprofit research group that publishes daily updates on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Group of OSUDemocracy supporters during a meeting

In Ukraine, Mayor of Kharkiv Ihor Terekhov says that the Russian aggressor has attacked Kharkiv 76 times during the month of May (three times more than in April) and Ukraine eliminates the dual citizenship in response to the intensified Russian attacks and lack of military force at the front line.

Finally, the US government has made THE decision! It has given a permission to Ukraine to use the US weapon inside the territory of the Russian aggressor, but only by the boarder with Kharkiv. Still, Ukraine isn't allowed to use the US Army Tactical Missile System or long-rage strikes inside of Russia. However...(please subscribe to receive the whole OSUDemocracy Newsletter)

.... Let's hope Biden's opinion will change in the future.

The Group of OSUDemocracy supporters during a meeting

Donald Trump became the first former or serving US president in the history of the United States who was ever convicted of a crime. It follows with another interesting fact, the presidential campaign of Donald Trump said it raised $34,8 million from small-dollar donors in 24 hours after his criminal hush money case conviction in New York. The donation sheet of the presidential campaign of Donald Trump wasn't verified.

Great News!

Ukraine has invented a new type of drone that was nicknamed by Russians as ...(please subscribe to receive the whole OSUDemocracy Newsletter)..."Baba Yaga priletela!" which means in Russian "the witch's got here"

Wonderful news down in the south of North America! Claudia Sheinbaum, a climate scientist and former mayor of Mexico City, became Mexico's 1st woman president!

The Group of OSUDemocracy supporters during a meeting

Youtube channel

The shooting of our third video "Helping Ukraine – Why the US is responsible?" was finished yesterday, but the editing has been postponed since our team has decided to cut the content in two videos. The first video must be ready tomorrow. Meanwhile, if you haven't watched our second video, please watch it under the link below.

The Group of OSUDemocracy supporters during a meeting
It takes three days to make one video and our small team is constantly improving. Subscriptions, likes, memberships, comments and shares are very much appreciated!

Recommended events!

The movie screening of "House 'Word'" will take place on June 9th. Please get your tickets as soon as possible and find how authoritarian repressions worked during the Soviet Union! The story is about repressions of Ukrainian writers in the late 20s. It was attended in cinemas as never before in Ukraine, the total revenue has reached 13 million UAH in only three weekends.

The Group of OSUDemocracy supporters during a meeting

Ottawa Children's choir on June 14th

Please come and listen to the angelic voices of young newcomers from Ukraine on June 14!

The Group of OSUDemocracy supporters during a meeting

Organization of the week is Harmonie CMO !

In 2023, Harmonie Carrefour Musical Outaouais created a repertoire in support for Ukraine, offered 50 free tickets for newcomers and raised over $1000 dollars for a car that had saved many wounded Ukraine's defenders at the front line. This year, the orchestra has invited single mothers with kids and the performance was fantastic! Please come to enjoy the same spectacular performance of Harmonie Carrefour Musical Outaouais on June 15th! It starts at noon in the park "Place de la cité" @500, Bouleverd de la Cité! The performance is free for all!

The Group of OSUDemocracy supporters during a meeting

New Prize of the month of June to win for members!

Professional haircut or new hairstyle from a professional Ukrainian hairstylist with 20 years of experience in the beauty field!

The Group of OSUDemocracy supporters during a meeting

New coffee card from Duke fine foods!

The Group of OSUDemocracy supporters during a meeting

And… not least – the book "Daughter" by author Tamara Duda. As the author states that her book " about courage, too, about the out-and-out courage to claim what is rightfully yours, to recognize it, to dig in your heels, and never give away to anyone what is yours, your home, your motherland, your heart, your right to walk with your head held high.... "

The Group of OSUDemocracy supporters during a meeting

Surprise picture from Olga Reshetova and a list of updated events

To those who aren't on Social Media Ottawa supports Ukraine - OSUDemocracy | Facebook Please find the updated list of events by Olga Reshetova below the Newsletter. Thank you! Here's a surprise picture picked by Olga for you! Picture "The Boho-Bird" by Rita Kruk, Ukraine.

The Group of OSUDemocracy supporters during a meeting

New Coffee shop!

This week I'm suggesting you to travel a bit and to visit a new coffee shop Madawaska in Barries Bay. The coffee is amazing, and the town used to serve as a standby base for the Canadian Military during the WW2. By the coffee shop, you won't miss Zurakowski Park. As turns out, Zurakovski was the greatest test pilot of his time, was born on the today's territory of Ukraine. Barries Bay used to be called Kuanash-Neishing by Algonquin people, meaning beautiful bay. Visit the beautiful bay and drink to democracy! Please feel free to invite your friends to subscribe for "one cup of coffee" membership.

To democracy and to the victory of Ukraine!

Best regards, Nataliya Senyuk & OSUDemocracy Team